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ODNR Grant Helps Fund Playground

Connor Mudrak, 4, paused from playing to have his picture taken on new playground equipment that was recently installed at the Lynn-Hunkler Memorial Park in Morristown. Connor, the son of Misty and Louie Mudrak, is pictured with Park Commission members, from left: Josh Nagy, Beth Robb (treasurer), Vicki Burghy and Don Hearn.

Morristown Playground 2017

The Morristown Park Commission received a $53,682 NatureWorks grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources that helped fund the first phase of a three-phase playground project. The connected playground pieces, safety surface and accessible walkway were installed in July and August. The commission continues to pursue funding sources to complete the next two phases.

The Lynn-Hunkler Memorial Park was developed on 76 acres of land donated to the village of Morristown by the Betty Hunkler Modie Family. It features five baseball fields, a disc golf course, basketball court and picnic shelters. The Park Commission oversees maintenance and operations of the park.

The Lynn-Hunkler Memorial Park is a Morristown treasure, situated on 76 acres of land at the east end of the village. The acreage was donated for a park by Betty Hunkler Modie and family. This generous gift propelled a “field of dreams” into reality for Morristown area children and adults in 2010.

The park features five baseball diamonds and dugouts; a basketball court, two picnic shelters, playground equipment and a disc golf course. It is a busy place in the spring and summer, hosting ball games, reunions, and special events. A walking trail and beautiful landscape make it a popular place for people who like to spend time in nature.

The park is maintained and managed by the Morristown Park Commission, whose members are Vicki Burghy, Josh Nagy and Don Hearn.
For information about the Lynn-Hunkler Memorial Park, email or call the village offices at 740-782-1551.


April 18, 2015

Ohio Valley Unsung Hero: Burghy Well-Known in Morristown Area

MORRISTOWN – Anyone who knows Randy Burghy knows he does a lot for the youth of the Morristown area in the baseball realm.

But, he isn’t alone. And he’d be the first person to tell you that.

In fact, in discussing what he does at Lynn-Hunker Park and the baseball diamond at Union Local High School, Burghy uses the word ‘we’ quite a bit.

Burghy is pretty humble about his endeavors. But the truth is, both facilities wouldn’t be in the shape they are without his help.

”What I like more about doing it than anything is when I was growing up I didn’t have a place to play,” said Burghy, a Morristown native. ”Now, I have an opportunity to help the kids, you know, now have a better place to play.

”I think people should pride themselves in the places we have here.”

Burghy certainly does.

”I’m kind of the maintenance guy,” he noted. ”I check swing sets. I put the teeter-totters up. Anything you look at out there I’ve probably had my hands on it.”

And that’s in reference to both Lynn-Hunkler and the baseball field at Union Local. Even though he has three children of his own, Burghy treats both ‘Fields of Dreams’ like they were his own.

”I just kind of do what needs to be done,” he said humbly. ”Well, actually, I probably mow a little bit every week. What we try to do is get the coaches to take care of their own fields.

There are five fields at Lynn-Hunkler, which has been in existence about seven years and has seen tremendous growth since its inception.

”I take care of stuff around it if they need help. I take my own tractor out with the tiller and till and do the things that need done.

”It’s just things that you do, things that you do to help.”

A 1970 graduate of UL, Burghy served as head baseball coach for the Jets for one season – 1993. Back then, the field there was the only one locally for teams in that vicinity to play at. Therefore, it required a lot of uptake.

Burghy helped when he could, but because of his job in the coal mining industry, the time he had available was limited.

These days, now that he’s retired, he has more time to devote.

”I just volunteer my time to help, that’s all,” he said. ”Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Randy’s son, also Randy, played baseball at Union Local. Now, a third generation is wearing the Red and White – Randy’s grandson, Lucas Robb.

Burghy said he spent some time prior to the high school season helping get the UL field spruced up. It’s a source of pride for him.

”It makes the school looks good,” he said. ”It’s good for everyone, really.

”I said if they needed help, I’d help. Over the years, I’ve some stuff out there.”

Such as mowing and the like.

Most of Burghy’s time is spent at Lynn-Hunkler, where there’s more work to be done, and where Burghy’s daughter, Vicky, helps manage the facility.

”When the park opened, there wasn’t much there,” he recalled. ”Little by little, things are coming together.”

The last few years, some of the Lynn-Hunkler fields were used for the Edgar Martin Beast of the East Classic. Local Little League teams also utilize the park.

”We’re trying to finish up the loose ends out there now,” he said. ”Hopefully, we’ll be able to maintain it.”

If you know of someone involved in sports in the Ohio Valley whom I could feature as an Ohio Valley Unsung Hero, drop me a line at  or via Twitter at RickThorp1

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